Install_gogo6 ipv6

NOTE – Change USER with your USER name :

First install libssh-dev and g++

# sudo apt-get install libssh-dev g++


# cd ~/Desktop

# mkdir ipv6

# cd ipv6

# wget

# mv file.asp\?file_id\=166 test.tar

# tar -xf test.tar

# cd gw6c-6_0_1/

# make

# make installdir=/home/USER/ipv6/test install

# sudo /home/USER/ipv6/test/bin/gw6c -f /home/USER/ipv6/test/bin/gw6c.conf

now go to /home.USER/ipv6/test/bin
and change these on gw6c.conf file :

restart computer and
go to the directory :

# cd  /home/USER/ipv6/test/bin

and run :

# sudo ./gw6c

But you can also try other clients like Miredo or even install this one with
# apt-get install miredo
# apt-get install gw6c

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