Configuring Ipko GPRS in Android phones

Thanks to my friend (colleague) Lulzim Gashi who figured out this, we were able to find the way how to configure the ipko GPRS in Android Phones.. because even Ipko guys weren’t capable to solve it by saying we don’t support this kind of phone
SAMSUNG Galaxy GT-I5800 “lol bulsh**”

Anyway lets proceed

1.Send a sms to 123 with the word “plus gprs” (you’ll get a message saying: Your gprs is activated) GOOD !
2.Now you have to configure your phone by following these steps :

  • Open Applications
  • Go to Settings
  • Wireless and network
  • Mobile networks
  • Access Point Names

Now you’ll se that the Access Point Names is blank so what you have to do is click the left Button on your phone and press

  • New APN
  • Modify Name and APN by typing “Ipko” leave others blank

Pres the left button again and save…
Then Click the small circle in the right corner – turn it green !

Now the Phone configuration phase is done all you have to do now is send another sms to 123 with the word “web 50” or if you have money you cant type web 300 or 500

Thats it just restart your phone and the GPRS is activated…
btw you can check your credit by calling *123*1#

Thank you I hope this tutorial was helpful !

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