Twitter Application with Google App Inventor

Hello guys..
Firs of all Happy New year ! btw this is my first blog post on this year

Just some days before New Year I did my twitter application for android phones..
And now Im going to show that it works and you can also use it for simple tweets
The application is made with Google App Inventor !
As you can see I did some screen-shots from my pc because I used the Android Emulator, but it also works in phone I used it !

You can download my application here :

First Im going to show you the design…

Here is the Code…And here are the steps where You can see that this app works….

Here you can see the Tweet we did (It works)

10 thoughts on “Twitter Application with Google App Inventor

  1. Hello, i followed your tutorial and i downloaded your app. Both Bring me to a white, blank screen after i authorize my account. Ive tried it on my friends twitter account and it does the same thing. Is there anything i can do to fix this?

    Looking forward to your reply,

    1. Hi Jake,
      Well to be honest i don’t really know whats the problem, probably it wont work, because I made this app like 1 year ago and probably something has been changed since then in Google-App-Inventor or in Android OS, In that time it worked ! and I was using Android 2.2.
      I’ll have to check it, btw if you find something.. let me know 🙂

  2. Thanks, Yeah that would be awesome if you let me know if you find anything. Until then ill be trying to figure it out too. Thanks

  3. Same for me even using the latest (5 Aug) version of AI. I just get a white screen after hitting the ‘authorize’ button. Bummer because my app is really dependant on this feature and my skills are not really up to scratch to do it in the SDK. If you work out what the problem/solution is, i’d love to know.

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