Free Up disk space in Ubuntu

This tutorial will show you how to remove a lot of used space in your hard drive
Everytime Ubuntu updates or you install software the package manager downloads all the packages to the system, and then cashes them there in ccase they need ti be installed again. Unfortunately, this can often mean a real lot of wasted space.

First Check out the used space for yourseld, head into  /var/cache/apt/archives folder,
or just run the following command from the prompt:

$ du -sh /var/cache/apt/archives

You’ll see that there’s a lot of space being used there…
so to clear that type in command line this command:

$ sudo apt-get clean

You could also delete files manualy.. but anyway

The other thing maybe users with small HDD should do is go to :
System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager

Then Go to Settings > Preferences :Switch over to the Files tab, where you can change the option to “Delete downloaded packages after installation”, which will prevent the caching entirely.You’ll also notice that you can use the Delete Cached Package Files button from this screen to clean up the packages.

Hope It helps you !

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