On Saturday 28th of May FLOSSK was Invited in an un-conference meeting held in Ohrid, Macedonia called “NSND” – Nista Se Nece Dogobiti which means “Nothing Will Happen”.
Just like the name tells, nothing happened…

First we met the present participants on this meeting, and then we went to a restaurant to further present each other where we also ate dinner.
Right next day morning there were organized some speeches, or better to say, presentations, where everyone showed to the participants some tips tricks and also shared some of their knowledge on their job.
There was some code done and also a little bit of hacks…
Flosskies were one of theme too…
There were more than 30 people present, and all were experienced on computers but we would like to mention especially the good time we spent together.

NSND – Nothing will happen is an annually(yearly) held un-conference which was first organized in Croatia,
The main point of this un-conference is organizing a hackers meetup of all ex-Yougoslavia hackers together and especially Free Software contributors.

For more about NSND visit the official page: Click here

To view the gallery of this event: Click here

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