Prishtina Hackerspace: We made it on Kickstarter

Every little bit counts, and your bits certainly gave us more than a byte. Prishtina Hackerspace is your success, as much as it is ours now.

Thanks to people’s generous support on Kickstarter, Prishtina Hackerspace now has the necessary means to have a sustained impact and be the source of even more community-based innovative projects.

We managed to reach the aimed goal of $15,000 in funding, and we ended up with a total of ~$ 17,000 of funding.

See the campaign here:

We are working hard to make the new Prishtina Hackerspace happen now, and we are almost done with the new house renovation. We will be posting a video very soon with the new looking hackerspace.

After some delays and bank issues we faced (US – Kosovo) we have finally received our Kicstarter money.

As we do have the money now, we are preparing the final list of equipment that we’re going to order, and soon Prishtina Hackerspace will be that cool place where you can express your creativity the way you like.

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