I’m Altin Ukshini, a Free Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS ) and Open Knowledge activist since 2009. Last years I’ve been working on promoting, developing and translating Free and Open Source Software, alone and through FLOSSK – in general, promoting FLOSS in Kosovo and abroad.

As an active community guy, I’ve passionately co-founded and led tech projects and events in Kosovo and United States. While I was an exchange student in the US, I’ve been part of Louisville’s LVL1 hackerspace, received the “Honorary Citizen of Louisville” award by the city Mayor, and co-founded a non-profit and the first conference about Free and Open Source Software in Kentucky called MOSSCon (Midwest Open Source Software Conference).

I’m one of the organizers of Software Freedom Kosova the biggest annual F/LOSS Conference in Balkans and other related (FLOSS tech) activities that happened since 2009 in Kosovo including Richard Stallman’s lecture in Prishtina.

Currently, I work at  Orciva Software in Prishtina as a DevOps Engineer, and I lead and manage Prishtina Hackerspace – a local hackerspace/makerspace which I helped co-found in 2014.

I ran FLOSSK (Free Libre and Open Source Software Kosova) as president of the executive board during 2014-2015. I was a board member at STIKK (Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology), a Mozilla Representative, Linux System Administrator at IPKO Telecom, Senior Program Assistant at IPKO Foundation, and back at age 16 a Junior software developer at UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo.

I’m a GNU project supporter, contributor of Wikipedia and Open Street Map, and sometimes I share code pieces on my github account.

Contact: altin.ukshini [AT] gmail [DOT] com

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