Some simple python programming

Hi there,
Well programming in python is easy and also funn.
Im posting this code, because I am not using anymore my old blog that I used just for python.
So I thought it would be better to transfer all those things here.
Below is My firs code ever in python.
Its very simple, (just a conversation with the computer)


print 'Enter your name and surname:'

# `.title()` makes first letter capital and rest lowercase
name = raw_input('Name: ').title()
surname = raw_input('Surname: ').title()

# use `.format(...)` to create fancy strings
print '{name} {surname}, the Great!'.format(name=name, surname=surname)

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Best Python Blogs

Best python blogs:

I just wanted to share, these are the best python blogs I have found till now,
And they also have good material… tutorials and stuff.. :

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Python Tutorials : Click Here !

Python Programming Tutorials

Here are some sites ( sources where you can start learning python for free ! )

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Some phrases about programming from Little Brother

Some phrases about programming from Little Brother :

If you’ve never programmed a computer, you should. There’s nothing like it in the whole world. When you program a computer, it does exactly what you tell it to do. It’s like designing a machine ­­ any machine, like a car, like a faucet, like a gas­hinge for a door ­­ using math and instructions. It’s awesome in the truest sense: it can fill you with awe.

A computer is the most complicated machine you’ll ever use. It’s made of billions of micro­miniaturized transistors that can be configured to run any program you can imagine. But when you sit down at the keyboard and write a line of code, those transistors do what you tell them to.

Most of us will never build a car. Pretty much none of us will ever create an aviation system. Design a building. Lay out a city.

Those are complicated machines, those things, and they’re off­
limits to the likes of you and me. But a computer is like, ten times
more complicated, and it will dance to any tune you play. You can learn to write simple code in an afternoon. Start with a language like Python, which was written to give non­programmers an easier way to make the machine dance to their tune. Even if you only write code for one day, one afternoon, you have to do it. Computers can control you or they can lighten your work ­­ if you want to be in charge of your machines, you have to learn to write code.

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