How to install and setup Supybot

Supybot, is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) bot written in Python
This bot is just fantastic. It does everything you need from a IRC bot, and it’s very easy to use.
The bot would have to be able to take care of auto-opping and similar “traditional” channel duties and has factoid functionality similar to blootbot/infobot
So pretty much you can say that supybot is an all in one IRC bot.

Some information you will need about supybot:
– Supybot handbook:
– Supybot source code:
– Supybot IRC channel on freenode: #supybot

Well basically installing and configuring supybot is easier than you could imagine, really !

First of all I would like to suggest you that you never run a IRC bot from your user on a server if you have sudo rights or anything more, so the best way would be to create a new user called whatever but in this case I’ll be using “ircbot

$ sudo adduser ircbot

Now, installing supybot is very easy just run:
(dont change user to ircbot yet)

$ sudo apt-get install supybot

Change user to ircbot and on ircbot’s home directory make a folder called “supybot

$ mkdir supybot

$ cd supybot

Now run the wizard to do the configuration (youll have all information you need in that wizard for the configuration)
(remember: you have to be in supybot directory)

$ supybot-wizard

So after the wizard there will be created a configuration fie in supybot directory.
Youre done, now to run supybot:

$ supybot configurationfile.conf

Some basic commands and iformation:

Before you want to give any command to supybot through irc you need to identify yourself as the owner, so how you do that is: you pm supybot and send him:
user identify <name> <password> << the data you entered during the wizard as the owner.

Joining a channel: join <channel> [<key>]
Loading module: load <modulename>
Unloading module: unload <modulename>
You can find others in the supybot-handbook.

2 thoughts on “How to install and setup Supybot

  1. Command is wrong…
    Instead of: sudo apt get install supybot
    you need to type: sudo apt-get install supybot

    Just FYI

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