How to setup MeetBot

MeetBot is designed to assist in running meetings, taking notes, and so on. It is in pure python, as a plugin to supybot.
However, there is a clear distinction between meeting-code and IRC-code, so it should be relatively easy to port to other bots. It is under the supybot license (3-clause BSD).

MeetBot is designed to be simple, not complex. Features are great, but not so much that it becomes hard to use or unwieldy to maintain.

More about MeetBot visit the debian wiki page:
Meetbot Manual:
Meeting notes after the debian meetings on IRC (example):
MeetBot IRC channel on #meetbot

Here are some basic commands: (more on wiki page & manual)

Admin commands (for only Chairs):
#startmeeting – Start a meeting. You are designated the owner (and have permanent chair powers).
– End the meeting. Must be called by a chair.
– Set a new topic.
– Document an agreement in the minutes.

Commands for Everyone:
– Add an info item to the minutes. People should liberally use this for important things they say, so that they can be logged in the minutes.
– Document an action item in the minutes. Include any nicknames in the line, and the item will be assigned to them. (nicknames are case-sensitive)
– Add an idea to the minutes.
– Add a “Call for Help” to the minutes. Use this command when you need to recruit someone to do a task. (Counter-intuitively, this doesn’t provide help on the bot)
– Add a link to the meeting minutes. The link should be the first non-command on the line, other commentary after the link is OK. Links beginning with http:// and a few other protocols are automatically detected.

Lets Proceed on the setup.

Get the source here (all folder”MeetBot”)

In the other tutorial on how to install supybot we made a directory called supybot,
what you have to do now is to move MeetBot folder under  /supybot/plugins

Thats it, now to load the plugin just type:
Supybot: load MeetBot” on IRC channel where your supybot is running

Note: By default the meeting logs will be saved under the default directory which is  the /supybot directory
If you want to change it, you have to edit file which is located under /MeetBot directory.

Example: You want to put your files online under a subdomain like debian one above or just anywhere else..
What you have to edit is:

Loging directory line, in this case:
>> logFileDir = ‘/var/www/meetings_archive’

And if you have any domain or subdomain that you want to put there, this is the line:
>> logUrlPrefix = ‘’
so that when you finish a meeting the bot will send automatically the link to the meeting note.(like below)

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