How to get Way points and traces from a GPS device in Linux ?

Well basically I’m making this tutorial based in some problems I had in getting especially way points.

There are several softwares that can do that kinda job but it was hard of getting only way points. and other stuff you needed… so after I figured out (with the help of some friends) I decided for this tutorial.

As I said There are some softwares like: gpsbabel, gpsprune, qlandkartegt

What Im going to show you is Qlandkarte which Is a perfect software for doing this job on Linux.

QLandkarte GT is the ultimate outdoor aficionado’s tool. It supports GPS maps in GeoTiff format as well as Garmin’s img vector map format. Additional it is the PC side front end to QLandkarte M, a moving map application for mobile devices. QLandkarte GT is the proof that writing portable applications for Unix, Windows and OSX is feasible with a minimum of overhead. No excuses!

OK in this case I used Garmin Etrex LegendHCx: and I’m going to show you step by step..

1. First Download and Install the software by going to this site or by installing it from terminal:

# sudo apt-get install qlandkartegt

2. After the software is installed…. Connect the Device.

3. Go to Setup > Interface then click USB Mass Storage (in the device)
So by doing this you could get out the .gpx files manually.

NOTE: If you use QlandkareGT make Sure you Eject the device otherwise it will show an error.

4. So after you “disconnect” the device (- Safely Remove Drive) you will be able to get the data (waypoints,tracks) and all other stuff with QlandkarteGT.
Next  Go to : Setup > General and under Device and Xfer tab
Select the Device you are using in this Case: Garmin
then select type : EtrexLegendHCx
and at download check which of the boxes you need.. in this case I’m gonna tick them all.

Click OK.

5.Now Click Download All in the Left side. As it shows on the screen-shot.

Now to see your Datas and other stuff… Press F1 then select OSM Zoom in with your Mouse and you’ll be able to see the Traces and Wayponts..

So now if you want to Download those Waypoints, and Traces You just go to
File > Save Geo Data or just hit Ctrl+S and save them somewhere in your PC ..

now you will be
able to Process the Data and Edit them with anything, for example  Software like JOSM(Java Open Street Map)… or maybe directly

I hope this Tutorial will help you Somehow.. Thank You 🙂

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